What's the big deal about keeping your customers delighted and happy ?


what about the story of America's Circuit City Electronic stores - Out of business January 2009
Circuit City, I Won't Miss You,  by Jeff  Bertolucci, PC World
  • suspect that nobody's really surprised that Circuit City has finally bitten the dust
  • fading electronics chain had been in a death spiral for quite some time
  • employees weren't rude, mind you, just indifferent
  • didn't understand Customer Service 101, and that's management's fault
Typical customers' comment to this article
  • Circuit City was my electronics store of choice, until the guys in the big blue box opened business in my area. Better layout, better customer service, more product choices, not to mention better pricing. So for a time I shopped both. Over time though, I noticed the same indifference to customer service and general retail incompetence. Arrogance, college student style, became the sales force attitude. So I can't say I'm sorry to see the demise of this corporate dinosaur, but I feel sorry for the 95% good employees. There are many good retailers out there.
today  your customer was satisfied - that's good !

but tomorrow's they may be your competitor's delighted customer 

learn how to develop loyalty and keep them as your customer 



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