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My name is Mike Johnson and I want to assist you in getting past the theory of customer service and  ...
... Learn to Live the Talk   
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Growing up in the 1950's and 60's in Olympia, Washington, USA,  a small city of 14,000 plus people, I worked with my father a small business owner. He first hand taught me how to relate and interact on a personal basis with the customer. 

Listen learn, adapt and anticipate  what the customer wants and most importantly what they might want and find a way to provide "it" to them was his first lesson of the day.

This simple motto has served me well over my life and I believe it will serve you well, too.

Looking at the world today, I strongly believe that we have forgotten the personal aspect of doing business with our customers and in dealing with our suppliers and employees as well.

Business owners have lost the art and have not taught the skills to their employees of how to provide a Delightful customer experience - one of anticipating their needs and wants even before they ask.

With our new Packaged Learning Programs and our commitment to personalized service, we want to help you the business owner, and you the employee get back to the basics of interacting with the individual customer and with your suppliers; after all, they are in a way "customers" of you.

Many of these programs have been personally developed by Ms. Betty Haines, a long time colleague, associate and friend both during our mutual Hewlett-Packard Company lives and the years beyond. Ms. Haines used these programs to train small businesses and city and non-profit organizations the skills in Arizona and Nevada for the past six or so years.

I have contributed my thoughts and concepts to Betty over the past eight years and now I have obtained exclusive rights to her programs and am adding several of my own to the list (list of our programs). Combined, Betty and I have over 90 years of working business experience dealing with customers.

I provide my personal assurance that our programs will work for you!

I am including FREE,  one hour of my personal advice (by telephone) with each program purchased and additional hours at reduced rates.

I want you to be successful using these programs. Also, if you have ideas for additional programs or changes / improvements to existing programs, your inputs are encouraged and welcomed.

I sincerely appreciate your business and I am committed to support you in the use of our products and services to achieve a delightful  "wow"  experience.  www.CreateWow.com

Should you have any questions, please contact me immediately  (email preferred) or by phone as early in the North American business day as possible.  contact us

Best regards, Mike Johnson

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