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Defusing irate customer anger  -  click to preview
  • No business wants irate customers, but if you do have one that talks with you, that is one of the best things that can happen to your business. 
  • Chances are this customer is telling you exactly what 100 other customers are thinking but haven't said. 
  • So when a complainer makes their views known, perk up your ears. They are about to do you a big favor. 
  • When dealt with properly, complaints can generate enhancements of your products & services. 
  • Furthermore, a well handled complaint will often turn the complainer into an ally.
Basic skills in defusing anger are: 
    • Be prepared
    • Listen and speak effectively
    • Understand behavioral styles
    • Recognize difficult customers
    • Don't argue !
    • Deal with unacceptable behavior
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today  your customer was satisfied - that's good !

but tomorrow's they may be your competitor's delighted customer 

learn how to develop loyalty and keep them as your customer



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